ISTHA 4687 EOWA Adv. Earthwork & Ret. Wall

scope of work

  • Over 550+ Soil Nails Installed
  • Over 20' Retained Height
  • 12,000+ Square Feet of Shotcrete Applied
  • 15,000+ Feet of Nail Installed


Earth Retention


September 2018

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Project Summary

The projected called for a widening of the existing highway. In order to do that, the existing MSE wall needed to be demo and replaced with a new MSE wall further away to allow for an additional highway lane. To demo the existing and build a new wall, Stalworth had to retain the highway which remained active for the entire job. The retained height was over 20' and the soil was all good clay so a soil nail wall proved to be the most effective and cost efficient solution.

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