Lathrop Homes

scope of work

  • 30,000+ SF of Sheeting Installed
  • 44 Belled Shafts Drilled
  • 55 Soldier Piles Installed
  • Micropiles Installed into Rock
  • 17,000 SF of Cofferdam Sheeting Installed
  • 55 Tiebacks Installed
  • 18 Driven H-Piles


Deep Foundation
Earth Retention
Value Engineering
Marine Work


December 2018

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Project Summary

Stalworth was awarded this project that consisted on 3 main portions: Installing ERS and Drilled shafts for a new building, furnishishing and installing soldier piles and tie-backs for a new sea-wall, which would also require a temporary cofferdam, and the furnish and installation of the foundation system for a brand new pedestrian bridge. The pedestrian bridges foundation was supported on a mix of H-Piles and Micropiles. Additionally some miscellaenous work was included consisting of installing sheet pile walls for 2 outfall and also some additional driven piles for a Boat Launch structure.

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