Mutual Fuel Gas Works MGP

scope of work

  • Design, Furnish, Install and Remove 3 Cofferdams
  • Over 32,000 SF of Sheeting Installed
  • Water Tight Cofferdam Achieved Using Corners and Interlock-Sealants
  • Design, Furnish and Installation of 2 Access Platforms
  • Furnished and Installed 185 WF of Sheet Piling for a Cut-off Wall
  • Over 90 Braces Installed


Earth Retention


August 2019

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Project Summary

The scope of the project includes design, furnish, installation and removal of earth retention systems for 3 locations at the former Mutual Fuel Gas Works MGP site at 7370 S. South Chicago Ave. The excavations ranged in depth from 16’ at locations #1 & #2 and 13’ at location #3, with an alternate to increase the excavation depth to 25’. The design had to be completed utilizing a water tight system and also had to consider that two stages of earth retention were necessary as only half the site could be remediated at a time. By carefully coordinating the project's design Stalworth was able to use sheet piling corners to utilize as much of the driven sheeting for both stages of the earth retention as possible, as well as re-purposing the stage one bracing for stage two to add significant cost savings to the project.

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